The most important factor in the treatment of pain is accurate diagnosis. Our center will offer you the advanced diagnostic testing to investigate the source of your pain. During your initial visit to New Jersey Pain, Spine and Sports Associates, a complete pain/ health history will be conducted, with a focused physical examination. All diagnostic studies and pertinent medical history are carefully reviewed. Additional testing or diagnostic procedures may be recommended to determine the specific origin of your pain prior to the initiation of your treatment. A comprehensive treatment plan will be shared with your referring Doctor. We will work to treat your pain by reducing inflammation, or desensitizing the painful nerves, spinal discs, joints or muscles responsible for your symptoms. In developing your specific treatment plan, it may be determined that a combination of physical treatments and medication may be utilized to increase your comfort, and reduce your symptoms. Over time, we will utilize injections, physical therapy and other treatments to maximize your return to a pain free life style. Some procedures are done in the clinic and some procedures are done in hospital or surgery center.


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